ePlat is a software solution developed and based on the operation needs.
It has been created to fulfill the requirements of every stage of the timeshare industry.

It's a CRM

ePlat includes functions such as:

  • Lead importing and follow up.
  • Point of Sale for Activities and other Items.
  • Mailing Tracking Solution.
  • Electronic Signature Mailing.
  • Automatic Mailing Service.
  • Custom Reporting.
  • Private API.

It's a CMS

ePlat provides a structure for websites, offering functions such as:

  • Custom templates for Activities, Packages, Places, Content Pages.
  • Lead Generation Forms.
  • Activities Booking Engine.
  • Price Management based on rules.
  • Private Labels.
  • Banner and Special Offer Management.

It's an Automation Tool

Let ePlat to take care of repetitive tasks such as.

  • Scheduled Reports
  • Notifications
  • Importing
  • Email Confirmations
  • Work Flows