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With the intention of improving the security of ePlatform, we have reinforced our user registration and deregistration policies. That's why as of July 2018, the process for a user's request is as follows:

Step 1. Request Form

Fill out the form. You can add one or more users to the request using the blue "+ Add User Info" button. When you click on "+ Add User Info", a form is displayed to capture the user's data. Fill in the user's data and click Add. Once you have filled out the form and captured the list of users, click on Save and Continue.

Step 2. Printing and Signature

In this step, the preview of the documentation to be signed is generated. Print the documents and proceed with the signatures. Confidentiality letters must be signed by the people who will be given access to the systems. It is important that all the pages of the letter are signed. The Application Form must be signed by the person requesting the registration. The user's signature (s) is not necessary in the Application Form.

Step 3. Attach the Documents

Once the documents have been signed, scan them and add them to the application as attachments. After attaching the files, click Continue.

Step 4. Follow Up Key

The system will send you an email with the URL that will help you to review and follow up on your request.

From this point, a human of the ePlat team will proceed to review the documentation and request the approval of the vice president. If there is a problem with the application or if there is any doubt about the purpose or position of the user, the applicant will be contacted by email.

Once the application is approved, we will proceed to configure the access and send by mail the requested credentials.

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